Sasha Court

This past Thursday, Court House presented their full collection on the runway in a ten minute presentation as part of a Concrete Roots and Halifax Pop explosion collaboration and first their ever fashion event.  Here is a peek at the night's show.  

I want to thank everyone who helped make the show a success, Hunter, Ann, the hair and makeup team, and most of all, my models who worked so very hard and slayed on the runway.  Also, a big thank you to all who came out to watch the show - in this digital age of entertainment always being in the palm of our hands we often forget how important our presence, energy and support is for those putting in so much work to create and share a piece of themselves, so thank you.

All items pictures are for sale in our online shop at at Big Pony or can be pre-ordered by emailing

Back Stage shots by Sasha Bitar Photography and Styled Imaging,

Runway Shots by Kara Burman, insta: @karagrace_

So you wanna be a Court House Ambassador?

Sasha Court

We are looking for people with individual flavour to showcase our brand.  If you love our vibe and want to share it with your followers then get in touch with us! 

What will you do as an ambassador?  You will sport one of our pieces and post a photo on your social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook required, others optional) and tag our handle.  All pieces in our online shop are up for grabs. 

What you get?  50% off all CH Apparel you showcase and exclusive first dibs on our new additions to the line as we add them.

If you are interested in being considered to join our team as an ambassador reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or on our website's contact page.

Here is a look at the most recent additions to our line...

The CH Oversized Tee Shirt Dress

Sasha Court

It's here. 

The CH Oversized Tee Shirt Dress is perfect for those days you want to look cool and effortless.  This trendy piece is a no brainer for the summer.  Throw on some platform sandals or your favorite fresh whites and you are killing one of this season's biggest trends.  Did I mention how comfy it is? I think that's probably obvious.

$50 in our online shop!

The CH Dad Ball Cap

Sasha Court

We have found the perfect fit dad ball cap for the summer and will be adding it to our line. 

F I T .   F U N C T I O N .   M I N I M A L I S M .   C H I C .   B A D A S S .  C O U R T H O U S E .

COURT HOUSE apparel Launch Party

Sasha Court

Thanks to everyone who came out to support a local start up, a million times, thanks. The Court House Apparel launch party was a perfect night thanks to you!  Here are some great shots of the evening's happenings and performances caught by Applehead Studio.  Enjoy :)

A Fashion Story

Sasha Court

I showed up to an Open City event today on Agricola to meet up with Grace only to realize we were a walking Court House advertisement.  It's both awesome and scary how similar our aesthetics are when it comes to our personal style.  We are over a decade apart and even still typically swoon over the same fashion pieces.  Court House isn't marketed to a specific age demographic but more for the kind of girl who understands that looking and feeling comfortable in your own skin is the most important thing to be (and the most attractive imo).

Ps I stole this photo edit style from a Celine ad I saw in the latest issue of Vogue.  The obvious and elementary background change - I love it so much.  To me it shows that a fashion story doesn't have to be taken so seriously.  These photos were taken on a whim by my sister on my iphone in front of an unsightly parking lot.  You don't have to plan for days to share a moment.  Be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Click on the images to make them bigger.

Introducing Court House, the Label

Sasha Court

Drum roll please... Yep, here it is, another graphic tee shirt brand, but let's be real - everything in fashion has been done.  It's been done and then time passes and then it is done again.   Creativity even in its most original form is to some extent a copy of something, whether the creator is conscious of it or not.  Artists copy things because it inspires them; mimicry is after all the highest form of flattery.

At Court House we don't claim to be original but we promise to be authentic.  Authentic to who we are and what our brand stands for.  Cool clothes that feel good to wear.  Pretty broad right? Yup. Our collections will always be an idea of what we think is good in the here and now.  Graphic tees today but who knows what tomorrow brings and as the times change, our taste will be the brand's common denominator. Always. We won't be chasing trends or tracking Kylie Jenner although let's face it, that girl knows what's good.  So maybe we will. 

If we don't love it, we won't stand behind it.  So here we are. We are Court House.  A brand that believes in the freedom to dress like ourselves.