About Us

At Court House we believe that tee shirts can be worn over dresses and that shorts can be fancy and that with personal style, no rules can be broken because there are no rules.  We believe that getting dressed isn't just about clothes, it's about showing the world who you are, and that a piece of clothing, like perfume, is worn differently on every skin.  Our goal is to make clothes that help you tell your story to the world. 

While our brand is in its infancy stage our ideas, energy and belief in the brand are monstrous.   For now, we offer you dope cut tees that leave room for your swagger and as we pour more love and energy into our brand we will give you so much more.  Clothes that make you feel things, clothes that feel good, clothes that feel like you.  We hope you will follow our journey so we can be a part of yours. 

Be you.  Free yourself.  Court House.

Sasha Court, Creative Director